About Us


The Spark HR Solutions is committed to the cause of enriching the Human Resource. In today’s modern corporate world, we strive towards providing total HR services and solutions to our clients and help you to create a working environment that supports your ability to achieve your desired business results.

We have a pool of experts in specific areas that serve organizations and we work together with companies as smart partnership in providing hands-on solutions to help solve day-to-day business challenge.

We believe in a comprehensive approach – becoming a part of our client’s business and knowing as much about their HR operations and challenges as possible. We want to support you in meeting your needs and most importantly achieving your goals in improving bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantage.

We have never compromised on the quality and the service provided to the customer and believe in keeping the customers’ satisfaction and providing them with the services at a very competent price.

Our Mission

We are a professional, enthusiastic and innovative team, dedicated to providing professional HR Consulting Services and evolving Recruitment Solutions that help our customers become more productive and profitable.

Our Vision

We add values to our clients by doing things exactly rather than differently and to be recognized as an impactful, innovative and efficient HR Consulting partner.

Our Belief

Progressive organizations from time to time need certain consultative opinions and services from experts, appropriate, competent and affordable advisors in order to optimize their effectiveness and profitability. These value additions are helpful to improve upon the life cycle stages of organizations, beat competition in the most cost effective and time saving ways.


Our Approach

We provide customized services to our clients, depending on their specific requirements and needs. Detailed discussion and analysis is used to design appropriate programs to suit the company’s needs. Our attention to detail and techniques has helped us build with our clients enduring relationships of mutual value.

Our Core Values


We believe in collaborating and understanding HRMS as a process and not just as a system helps us create tailor-made solutions for our clients.


We believe in the power of respect and dignity and building long term relationships with our clients and the workforce.


With our experts and a team that is ever-evolving to find and implement solutions, we are efficient and effective in our approach to understanding humans as vital capital.


Our love for the work we do and the commitment to provide the best of opportunities to a market that is as big as India remains with us as our passion and motivation.


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